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14º Ago 2023
CVE-2022-3590 WordPress SSRF vulnerability - Updated 9 Mar 2023

WordPress instances below version 6.1.1 are vulnerable to CVE-2022-3590 when XML-RPC or pingbacks is enabled. WordPress is affected by an unauthenticated blind SSRF in the pingback feature. Because of a TOCTOU race condition between the validation checks and the HTTP request, attackers could reach internal hosts that would otherwise be ... Espandi »

19º Dic 2022

Please checkout the Imagine Our City project which is raising awareness for Ukraine.

Please help and donate to the UNICEF Ukraine fund.

24º Ago 2022
Password authentication for SSH/SCP/SFTP have been disabled until further notice!

Due the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, There is a extremely large increase in cyber attacks. As a countermeasure we are disabling 'Password' authentication via SSH / SFTP / SCP, only secure key authentication is allowed. For more info on key authentication please see We ... Espandi »

4º Mar 2022
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